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Ranking Every Starting Quarterback in the NFL

1. Aaron Rodgers-Green Bay Packers

This one goes without saying. From the multiple Cowboys daggers to the "Just Relax" speeches, nobody outside of Tom Brady is a more polarizing player than Rodgers. In terms of football talent there has never been a quarter back like Aaron Rodgers who is as accurate on the run as he is in the pocket. But he did just turn 35. We should savor him while we can because we'll all miss him when he's gone.

2. Tom Brady-New England Patriots

If Aaron Rodgers is the most talented quarterback then Tom Brady is by far the most accomplished. The 5x Super Bowl champion and 4x MVP leaves no stone unturned when it comes to overall resume. But the elusiveness and ability to make plays out of nothing from Rodgers and the added bonus of having the greatest head coach of all time in Bill Belichick leaves him standing at No. 2.

3. Drew Brees-New Orleans Saints

As long as Brees is on the Saints, you can count on them fielding a top NFL offense. Throw in Alvin Kamara,Mark Ingram, and Michael Thomas and they turn into the cream of the crop. The five year period after Bounty-Gate though featured some of the worst defenses the NFL has ever seen. But now with Marshon Lattimore and Cameron Jordan, Brees doesn't have to carry the team. If only he had competent defenses during the majority of his tenure then maybe he'd have more than one ring.

4. Carson Wentz-Philadelphia Eagles

The only reason I have Brees over him is because of the larger sample size of games played. Other than that there is no reason for Wentz to be lower than Brees. The guy has the athleticism of Russell Wilson in the frame of Tom Brady with the cannon of Matt Stafford and the accuracy of Drew Brees. He is the complete package.

5. Russell Wilson-Seattle Seahawks

The magician himself. Nobody does more with less than Wilson. The lack of running game, O-line, and even solid receiving weapons (Wilson made Baldwin) makes him by far the hardest working and most impressive quarterback in the NFL.

6. Matt Ryan-Atlanta Falcons

Nobody in the NFL spreads the ball around the way Matty Ice does. He could be higher on this list if he was better in the red zone and cut down on the turnovers. Particularly in the red zone he needs to target Julio Jones and Mohamed Sanu more instead of Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman.

7. Phillip Rivers-Los Angeles Chargers

Even though the guy with the shot put release is aging, it doesn't seem like he's losing many steps. He is still deadly accurate (62.6 completion pct.) and next year he will finally have a defense to support him with Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa.

8. Matthew Stafford-Detroit Lions

He may have arguably the strongest arm in NFL history, but he mostly gets forgotten because of where he plays. I hope eventually they can put a consistent squad around him so his career doesn't get wasted. If they can get a running back in this year's draft, they will finally have the team to compete with the rest of the NFC.

9. Ben Roethlisberger-Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben has lost a lot of his durability and edge that used to make him so tough and dominant over the AFC competition. But he still has a rocket of an arm (7.6 yards per attempt) and an absolutely on target deep ball.

10. Andrew Luck-Indianapolis Colts

This man could and should be higher on this list BUT his recurring shoulder problems, that haven't even allowed him to pick up a football, stand in the way of knowing how truly great he is.

11. Jared Goff-Los Angeles Rams

His lone reason for being higher than Kirk Cousins is his brighter future. Goff's superior arm talent cannot be overlooked because he's only 23. Also they've both won the same amount of playoff games...

12. Kirk Cousins-Minnesota Vikings

Speaking of Kirk (the 84 million dollar man) Cousins, he'll finally have a legit team around him. With Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, and Kyle Rudolph there are no more excuses Kirk. Just win.

13. Jimmy Garoppolo-San Francisco 49ers

By the end of the season, I'm sure Jimmy will be much higher on this list once he gets a full season under his belt. I understand he's only played through a 7 game sample size, but he is 7-0 so......

14. Cam Newton-Carolina Panthers

This 6'5" freak of nature is easily the most inconsistent quarterback in the NFL. The reason he's this high though is because his peak was league MVP back in 2015.

15. Deshaun Watson-Houston Texans

Deshaun is the true wild card of this list. Depending on how he responds to his ACL, he could be as high as 5 due to how he was performing under Bill O' Brien pre-injury. But he could also be as low as 25 if his knee doesn't feel the same way. So I put him in the middle.

16. Dak Prescott-Dallas Cowboys

The one reason I have Prescott over Smith is for his mindset to actually take risks unlike Alex Smith such as the Packers playoff game in 2017

17. Alex Smith-Washington Redskins

It'll be most interesting to see what the most careful quarterback does in his new home. At least he has a good O-line and Jordan Reed

18. Marcus Mariota-Tennessee Titans

He would be a lot higher if he could limit his turnovers. But on the bright side, he's not as bad as his counter part who went #1 overall in the draft.

19. Derek Carr-Oakland Raiders

This guy was absolutely pathetic last year, leading his Raiders to underachieve. But expect a bounce back season...maybe.

20. Jameis Winston-Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The walking turnover himself. All the tools such as arm talent and mobility in the pocket are present here, he just needs to get past that mental block and he could be a top 10 QB.

21. Sam Bradford-Arizona Cardinals

His ranking here coincides with the utmost optimism. Obviously his health is his one caveat. Now if he doesn't get hurt...

22. Case Keenum-Denver Broncos

Case showcased last year with a 12-4 record and the 2nd highest QBR in the NFL that he can be a top QB in this league. We just need to see it on a more consistent basis and then he will be universally regarded as a big time player.

23. Andy Dalton-Cincinnati Bengals

Pretty underrated player in the NFL as he has led Cincy to the playoffs multiple times but not definitively better than any of the people I've already listed. So he belongs here.

24. Joe Flacco-Baltimore Ravens

He's not "elite" like he says he is but he's definitely not the worst QB in the league because his yardage and touchdowns are always league average. Those awards go to the next couple of guys on this list.

25. Ryan Tannehill-Miami Dolphins

Tannehill is more talented than the three guys that are currently in front of him on this list because of his superior arm skill and mobility. But the best ability is availability and Tannehill hasn't played in nearly two years because of his recurring ACL issues.

26. Tyrod Taylor-Cleveland Browns

Even though he is one of my favorite quarterbacks because of his speed, he's so low on this list because although he avoids turnovers, his accuracy in the pocket is extremely erratic like in the playoff game against Jacksonville.

27. Patrick Mahomes-Kansas City Chiefs

We saw a glimpse of what Mahomes could become in a couple of years but he's still unproven so he gets put at 27.

28. Teddy Bridgewater/Josh Mccown/ Rookie QB-New York Jets

Whoever starts for the Jets will be terrible so that's why they're here. Josh Mccown has never been good and when has throwing a rookie to the wolves ever worked. And for those Teddy Believers out there I'm sorry. It's over. That injury is too catastrophic to overcome.

29. Mitch Trubisky-Chicago Bears

If we were ranking potential Trubisky would be top 5 as he could very well be the future of the NFL. But we're not. So he belongs here because currently he's not nearly as good as anyone else I've named.

30. AJ Mccarron-Buffalo Bills

Maybe if he can rekindle that 2x National Champion Alabama magic...

31. Eli Manning-New York Giants

THE END of an era.

32. Blake Bortles-Jacksonville Jaguars

Outside of beating the Steelers, what is he good at?


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